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Amy's Omelette House is Located in Burlington, Cherry Hill and Long Branch. The down-home cooking at Amy's serves up myraid made-to-order breakfast, lunch and dinner feasts with a gargantuan menu best observed from outer space. Namesake omelettes sizzle in more than 200 varieties. Breakfast yields 30 different sweet blends of pancakes and French toast. Different styles of eggs Benedict, breakfast sandwiches and much more. Burgers, wraps and salads fill up our Lunch menu. Dinner time enjoy chicken parmigiana, hot roast turkey and much much more.

What People Say about us


The food here is terrific. Generous portions and great prices. We had a wonderful waiter named Dom today. He was kind and consistent---he checked up on us to see if we were okay a few times and his temperament was pleasant all throughout. He was a great worker!

Carla Beuthe


One of the best places to eat at in Long Branch . Very great atmosphere. Great service from all staff. Great people who dine here. So good food and their signature omelette. Place was so so great.

Claudine Abbot


The only bad thing about Amy's is that they close. I wish they were open 24 hours. Their food is fantastic and they give you very generous portions. Don't be deterred if it looks like they have a long wait, it moves quickly. Even if it didn't, it would still be worth the wait.

Jim Morley

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